Dermalogica Winter Skincare Tips from Your Local Skin Experts at Beauty Gallery
17th October 2017
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As the weather changes and cools down, the heating goes on, we bundle up in warm clothes and fight off seasonal sniffles. All this can wreak havoc on your skin! The constant changes in temperature it is exposed to, going from the cold outside to the warm inside can mean it becomes dehydrated, dull and even sensitive. During the descent into winter we really need to support our skin to maintain a healthy barrier against the elements. This means keeping it hydrated, exfoliated, and protected.

How do we do this? Well, the most effective way to maintain healthy skin all year round is to invest in a minimum of four facials a year with your skin care specialist, followed by a consistent homecare routine using quality professional products recommended for your skin by a therapist.

At home you need to implement an effective cleansing ritual that includes a daily exfoliation to help encourage cell turnover and brighten your complexion; and finish with a moisturiser that balances your skin’s moisture levels. Even though it’s no longer the height of summer, wearing an SPF year round will also help prevent premature aging from sun exposure.

Your first step is to use a hydrating cleanser such as Dermalogica’s Essential Cleansing Solution, which replenishes dry skin.

Then exfoliate, perhaps the most important step! Use Daily Microfoliant for proven brightening skin results, or Daily Superfoliant to help target signs of aging and remove free radicals from the skin. Short of time? Using an exfoliant takes only a few minutes. Alternatively, speak to us about how to add your exfoliant to your cleanser.

We highly recommend incorporating one of Dermalogica’s toners into your routine to help lock in moisture to your skin. All our toners are astringent-free so do not strip the skin, rather they balance it out and amplify the results of your moisturiser.

Use a moisturiser that suits you but will help hydrate your skin all day long. Add an SPF to protect your skin when outside. For maximum benefit Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery will help boost collagen production, and it contains SPF50! It’s our best all in one moisturiser, particularly for aging and dry skins.

Lastly, drink plenty of water! Hydration of the skin starts from within so make sure you consume the recommended amount of water daily, even when it’s cold, and limit caffeine and sugary drinks.




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