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I spent an hour on the phone with Tony this morning who took time to listen to my business plans and give me some good, sound advice which I am extremely grateful for. I will look forward to putting some of this into action and see where it takes me.
Tony has helped my business with sage advice gained from years of experience. A kind gentleman with oodles of common sense. Thoroughly recommend him.
I would like to thank Tony for the help and guidance he has given me with the organising of The Sudbury Business Expo. His experience and patience has been a wonderful help. I can not recommend him enough. Thank you Tony!
Marketing isn’t just social media and flyers. Marketing is the bridge between your product and the buyer. Sooner or later you will need to understand what makes someone buy from you, so you can effectively market your products. That someone is Tony. I have used Tony’s expertise to develop the marketing for my business, so I can vouch for him personally. He is a quiet, thoughtful expert marketeer. So if you are looking to expand sales it is a good idea to have that chat over coffee to see what can be done. You will be delighted with the advice.
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