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Sue helped me to overcome my anxieties about my driving test. After multiple failures and anguish I decided to do something about it and break the cycle of nerves that I had become. The minute I met Sue I found her kind and easy to talk to. Discussions with her helped me to understand my anxiety more and more importantly how to control it. Sue made me start to believe that I could pass my driving test which was previously being suppressed by my anxiety. I started to believe that I could do it and Sue also helped me with other worries in my life as well such as University exam worries. I went on to pass my driving test and I am so happy and grateful for Sue. I would strongly encourage people to go and see Sue; she is friendly, helpful and communicative. Now I can drive so many more opportunities have opened up for me such as summer jobs and research for my university course.
I am extremely grateful to Sue Tetley for guiding me through the Thrive Programme. I have long-standing anxiety issues and the Thrive Programme is proving a great help in enabling me to grow beyond these. Sue is a good and sympathetic listener and very conscientious in her approach. The Programme is based on a series of concentrated 90 minute sessions, during which, tailored to individual needs, the client is led through the Thrive book. There are many practical exercises to be completed between sessions. I have acquired new coping skills and the ability to challenge unhelpful beliefs through following the Programme. The Thrive book by Rob Kelly is laid out in a very clear, easy to follow and logical way, with a natural progression through its chapters.. The core principles of the Programme are fully explained. I strongly recommend the Thrive Programme with Sue Tetley. Frank Ipswich
Sue is such a genuine person, and it is some testimony that she has been through the Thrive programme herself. She is very generous with her time and coupled with her attention to detail and persistence she is exactly what you need if you need help getting back in control.
My daughter had suggested going to Sue’s open day to find out about the Thrive Programme as I had been grieving and although I felt I was finally coming out of a tunnel I was still existing and not really living. After speaking with Sue I realised I had nothing to lose and may have something to gain from working through The Thrive Programme with her. What an eye opener that was to be and I realised how negative, stressed and limiting my beliefs were. Over the six weeks I began to feel a different, calmer and more positive person. Although the course with Sue is complete, the Thrive Programme carries on by working with the skills you have learnt and the more you put in the more you get out! I cannot thank Sue enough for working with me and the Thrive Programme has certainly put me on the path to thinking about and achieving my goals in life with a much more, clearer, calmer and positive attitude. Thanks Sue
Sue is passionate about the Thrive Programme and the help it can bring to people's lives.She explains simply, with no salesy tricks, just what the Programme is, how it works and the results that come. It is good to hear such passion and I look forward to her next presentation!
The talks Sue gives are so genuine it gives a great feel for the whole Thrive experience. I've already recommended Sue to so many people and will continue to do so as I believe the programme can help so many people of varying backgrounds.
I attended a networking event, where Sue gave a presentation about her programme, I found this not only very interesting but delivered in a very compassionate manner. Sue is clearly very knowledgeable about her subject and I would be delighted to attend any event where she is presenting in the future.
Last month Sue gave a talk about her business to Saffron Business friends it went down very well lots of interest . Sue offers great help to lots of people . I want to to promote her
Sue is an inspirational and insightful therapist who has helped many overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their lives. I attended Sue’s presentation at the Best of Sudbury and really enjoyed how she showed people that we can change what’s negative in our lives. She is knowledgable as well as compassionate. I highly recommend Sue for anyone struggling with anxiety issues, depression or any other difficulty
I have met Sue on several occasions and attended her interesting and informative presentation at Saffron Business Friends network meeting in November. Sue’s Thrive Programme is designed to help people make positive life changes that “stick” and to take charge of their lives. Sue’s professional background as a paediatric nurse and in psychology gives her a depth of knowledge that enhances her ability to help people through issues that keep them from achieving their true potential. In my business I help people to achieve life goals through a business strategy and I can see that Sue’s coaching addresses personal issues that are outside my normal remit. The Thrive Programme could potentially be an additional source of help to some of the people I encounter. I recommend anyone who feels up against a barrier they can’t break through, or just plain “stuck”, to explore Thrive with Sue.
Sue is very easy to talk to and approaches whatever area of life that the customer is looking to improve with a calm and sensitive manner. She will give you a fantastic level of support so you too can thrive in your own life, as she will really make the effort get to know you. This enables her to support you in the best possible way so you can make that all important change. I would highly recommend Sue for anyone who is looking to get the most out of life.
Sue delivered an interesting and informative presentation to Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form. The students and staff found it extremely useful and will definitely be taking advantage of her expertise in the future.
Thrive is a brilliant programme and can be literally life changing. Sue has talked about her approach to applied positive psychology at a couple of my networking events and I can see, from first hand experience, how helps deal with challenges life throws at you.
"I have recently undergone the Thrive programme with Sue and I feel so much more positive regarding my phobia issue. I feel that I have made significant progress which can only get better. The programme really makes you think and you find yourself feeling more positive each day. It is not a quick fix but the more effort you put in the more you will get out of it. Whilst it has helped with my phobia it has also helped me with a secondary issue which I think is just a knock on effect from feeling more positive and confident. It is a programme that you can apply to many aspects of your life and each time you read the book you get something new out of it. I definitely think it is better to discuss the programme with a thrive consultant as they help you break down the programme into manageable sections".
Sue is amazing so patient and makes the whole programme so easy to understand and follow. I have found it so helpful and a great encouraging programme to follow and use in everyday life and has really helped with past issues and learning to move forward and thrive for the future. Thanks so much Sue feeling so positive with your help. Lisa xx
I am extremely grateful to Sue for guiding me through The Thrive Programme. I have tried numerous different therapies over the years, conventional and alternative, to help with my anxiety issues but none has given me such practical help in how to change my thinking nor addressed my low self-esteem with such success than Thrive has done in only a few weeks. I now look at life and its challenges in a much more positive way. It is wonderful not to have to dwell on the past anymore. I have also stopped blaming my parents for the things I thought they should have done differently in bringing me up and that is liberating
Sue Totley, my Thrive consultant, introduced me to many strategies which I was then able to use to overcome my longstanding anxiety around visiting the dentist. I am now able to understand how confidence and resilience can be strengthened in many situations in life. Thank you Sue!
I found the Thrive programme to be hugely useful. It changed how I chose to think about myself and the world around me. It is astonishing how quickly you can undo years of bad habits through some very simple exercises. I started the programme because I wanted to overcome anxieties over driving but I found that Thrive applied to many other areas of my life. I would encourage anyone to give it a go. I am usually very cynical and sceptical about any form of self help but what the Thrive programme offers are simple logical solutions. It is not a magic bullet but after just a couple of weeks Sue helped me to realise I have far more control over my life than I previously thought.
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