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The Fifth Dimension in Stroud has some really amazing new gym equipment and systems, including "the key" which allows your trainer to load your exact fitness programme on to all the equipment and keep a track of EXACTLY how you are doing!
As a small, local, company, Coln Residential Lettings knows their Cotswold market inside out - and they know just who to use to sort out the littl niggles and problems that can make a Landlord/tenant situation so difficult.
Look out for some great offers coming through your door soon - and there are even MORE on the website !
We want to prove to the UK that The Cotswolds, and Stroud in particular, has some GREAT local businesses - click on the link to vote for YOUR favourite,and you could win some fabby prizes too!
Stroud residents get behind local businesses - recommending them for inclusion in TOP 20 UK BUSINESSES LISTING!!
Don't let this miserable weather get to you! Brighten up your office, reception, hotel or hospital with stunning, vibrant faux flower designs from Faux Flower Designs - call Eve on 07772 43 53 08
Happy New Year to Stroud!
Happy New Year to Stroud!
2010 is going to be "a year of change" - according to David Cameron this morning .....
Des & Anne Cooper and Ann Maree Campbell would like to wish EVERYONE a very happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
Michael Parkinson is the first celebrity guest confirmed for Cheltenham's inaugural Film Festival in 2010
Check out what's on in Stroud over the Christmas Hols!
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