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We approached Akash recently for some advice on how my husband could further invest an existing pension scheme he holds. In order to do this my husband gave Akash permission to contact the pension scheme holder. The information that Akash was able to obtain was far more than we had managed to get after weeks of talking to the pension holder and this really helped Akash to advise my husband on how to make the best decision for him. We both greatly value the honesty and integrity of Akash and we recommend him highly.
Akash helped me consolidate my various holdings tax efficiently and made them more manageable. He provides me a highly personal service with ongoing reviews and access to advice any time as needed. It is great to be looked after as an individual rather then a number (as I felt) with High Street organisations. Thank you Akash!!
Akash has done well in providing a first class service for his clients. He is the epitome of one who strives in giving the best advice possible. His key strength is his ability to listen to and to offer options and to allow the client to make the choice. That is not to say he will not step in should the choice not be favourable.
I have know Akash Gupta for the past four years. He makes time to get to know his customers best interests, which enables him to give individual, trustworthy, professional advice. He is easily contacted to give help and support when required. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
I am very satisfied with the service that Akash gives me. He provides me updates on the Financial Markets and regular more detailed reports on Financial Affairs. He is easily contactable. We just met for an annual appraisal of my wealth plans (March 2015). My investments are performing very well with his direction and under the expertise of the fund manager. I am happy to recommend him.
We are extremely happy with Akash Gupta as our financial adviser. We meet regularly for updates. We can contact him at any time for advice or discussion. He gives exemplary service. He is always polite and charming. We would not hesitate to recommend him.
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