What's New with The Big Pink Heart
16th August 2008
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I was talking with Sharon Clephane the other day about her organisation, Big Pink Heart.


In case you haven't heard, Big Pink Heart is the local organisation who want to change how we interact with each other, and get rid of anti social behaviour in our society - all with your help.

Modelling themselves after the book, and film, 'Pay It Forward' the basic concept is simple, do a good deed for someone, and and instead of them 'paying you back' get them to do the same for someone else - paying it forward.

The organisation does more than just champion the cause, as they also have an educational side and offer educational services not only to Stamford area primary and secondary schools, but also to the adult community. Click here for more info. on that side of their remit.

Sharon tells me that Big Pink Heart Day is scheduled for 12th October. She says to watch out for special acknowledgement cards that you can send to someone you want to thank or praise for their kindness, or for the positive impact they've had on your life or on behalf of someone else.

If we can celebrate Valentine's Day why can't we start to champion positive behaviour? Let's make BigPinkHeart Day a National Event!

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