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10th September 2009
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Bad translations are responsible for some weird notices that English speaking tourists are subjected to; there are notices that say women are diseases, some tell people to play with the opposite sex in public and others tell them to take advantage of the chambermaid - and apparently these lead to confusion. (Personally I would just have a good laugh).

  • Signs at the airline ticket office in Copenhagen signs at the ticket office for an airline told visitors that their bags will be sent in all directions
  • A  Budapest hotel sported a sign saying that the lift was being repaired and  the management regretfully informed visitors that their stay would be unbearable.
  • In Zurich a hotel lobby sign said that because of the impropriety of entertaining guests of the opposite sex in the bedroom, perhaps the lobby should be used.
  • In Yugoslavia, you can have your underwear flattened with pleasure by the chambermaid
  • And visitors in Japan are invited to take advantage of the staff.
  • Meanwhile launderettes in Rome promise that if women leave their clothes they can spend the whole afternoon having a good time, whilst Bangkok men are asked to drop their trousers for the best results.
  • In Tokyo ladies with nuts are served special cocktails
  • Norwegian ladies are requested not to have children at the bar, and if their children are left unattended, they will be sold to the circus, (Austrian children left unattended are unfortunately sold as slaves)

It reminds me of a trip to Greece where one of the appetising dishes on the menu was translated as Birds Bowels.


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