They'll Make You Pay
29th July 2008
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Fly Tippers prosecuted by SKDC


If you're going to illegally dump rubbish the Stamford area, then you're going to have to pay the price.

SKDC is getting mean - they've just successfully prosecuted another fly tipper in the area - Viking Electrical - who pleased guilty. SKDC is delighted with the result, hoping that it will reinforce the message that fly tipping is unacceptable, and that the perpetrators will not get away with it.

Successful prosecution relies on the willingness of the public to report the rubbish, and the hard work of the SKDC team. The rubbish in this case consisted of black bin bags, piles of electrical cable, wire casings and the details of the electrical contractor. They were found in a field in Allington. Photos were taken by the environmental protection officer investigating the case, who also collected evidence which was used when the company was formally interviewed. Viking Electrical have had to pay a fine of £750 - which they could have saved with a single trip to the tip.

SKDC need your help to colleclt and provide evidence if they are to successfully combat flytipping. They need information like where and what items have been tipped, and, if possible, who dumped the rubbish. You can report to SKDC's customer service team on 01476 40 60 80.or via the e-form on their website here (under fly tipping in the A-z section)

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