Swine Flu in the Stamford area
8th July 2009
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 FIVE people at Rutland's  RAF Cottesmore have apparently contracted swine flu.

And  a member of staff at Bourne Grammar School is off work for the time being after their child was diagnosed with swine flu.

RAF Cottesmor said that the affected individuals were currently at home receiving flu treatment after testing positive for the illness.

In a letter sent to parents, Bourne Grammar School headteacher Jonathan Maddox said  the school would not need to close.

The NHS say that the most common symptoms of swine flue are fever, sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, feeling generally unwell and a dry cough.  You can reduce the risk of contagion by covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and disposing of dirty tissues promptly and carefully. You should also maintain good basic hygiene.

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