Sub station blaze leaves thousands without power in Stamford
18th August 2009
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Last night a blaze at a Stamford electricity sub-station left thousands of people without power.

The sub-station in Sandringham Close, Stamford, caught fire after, it is thought, rubbish around it was set alight at about ten to ten last night. 2,500 customers in the East Street, Broad Street, North Street and Elms street areas were left with power blackouts

The fire brigade were called, and tried to keep rubber neckers away as the transformer was full of oil, and it was feared that it could be dangerous.

Affected homes have been hooked up to an alternative circuit as the substation will now have to be replaced at a cost of thousands of pounds. 2,400 of the homes got power by 10.45pm, but the rest had to wait for 3.20am until they got their lights back on.


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