Streakers in Stamford
28th May 2008
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Apparently we had a couple of streakers in the town recently!

According to the Rutland and Stamford Mercury, two young men from Peterborough streaked around Red Lion Square in the early hours of Monday morning. The police grabbed them and fined them £80 each for disorderly behaviour.

Personally I think they deserve a medal as it must have been pretty cold! Also, I can't imagine that anyone around 'in the early hours' would have been particularly offended by such behaviour, but I might be wrong.

Red Lion Square of course brings up another subject altogether. I notice that the shops there have been complaining that business is down, and opinions are being sought as to how to remedy the situation. I should have thought it was quite obvious - allow parking!

Allowing parking might stop streakers as well, as there wouldn't necessarily be such a large space for them to run around in, although I guess if you're that way inclined you'll do it anyway.

What do you think about a) an 80-quid fine for streaking late at night and b) parking in Red Lion Square?

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