Stamford's Pigeon Problem
24th August 2008
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Birth control for Stamfords Pigeons!

Putting our local pigeons on the pill is one idea put forward recently to humanely reduce the burgeoning pigeon population in Stamford. The huge population of the birds is leaving rather a mess on the historic buildings of the town and in the alleyways, not to mention a lot of work for the council in clearing up, and a numer of complaints.
One of the councillors at the Cemetary and Allotment committee meeting put forward the idea after reading about Hollywood's answer of pigeon contraception. Hollywood plans to reduce the number of pigeons by half by the year 2012 by putting a chemical in their food which interferes with egg development.

The Peregrine Falcon is a natural predator of pigeons (and starlings) and it could be a ch eap solution to the pigeon problem if a pair of nesting falcons can be attracted to the town - and if the boxes don't contravene any planning issues. The diocese also need to ok the plan for the box in the church tower.
If the plans can go ahead, the box will have to be in place by January so that they catch the next breeding season. There could even be a webcam installed so that people can follow the progress of any chicks that may be born.
It is felt that the peregrines would be an environmentally friendly solution, as well as cost effective. A decision could be made in October.
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