Stamford's Petrol Price Rise & prisoner for pizza down under
11th February 2009
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I hear that the BP Petrol Station in Scotgate had to close temporarily today because it's computer system hiked forecourt prices by 20p a litre. Apparently they suffered a power cut at midday, and when the system came back online it was adding the extra money on to the petrol prices.
They re-opened at about 4.30, and said that they would refund anyone who had been overcharged.

Meanwhile, down under ........

after a ransom demand for pizzas was met, an Australian prison guard who'd been held hostage for two days was released.

Around 20 inmates of a maximum security prison in Hobart, Tasmania, seized the guard in a protest over conditions.They originally made 24 demands to the authorities, but by midnight they were willing to settle for 15 pizzas, coke and garlic bread.

The guard is recovering from his ordeal at home - whilst presumably the inmates are recovering from their blow-out meal.

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