Stamford girl wins Beijing Trip
14th July 2008
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NINE-year-old Lily Sykes, of Meadowsweet, Stamford has won a trip to Beijing after she won a national contest to name the British team's 2012 Olympic Lion mascot. She spotted the British Olympic Association contest on children's channel Nickelodeon, and eventually came up with the name 'Pride' - an great name with a double meaning - a pack of lions and feeling proud of your country. The ideal choice, as the name won first prize. The Sykes family soon received a call telling them that Lily, together with an adult, would be flying out to the Beijing Olympics next month on a once in a lifetime trip.

Lily is taking her mum with her on the week-long trip where as well as top sporting action they'll get in some sightseeing.

The 2012 Olympic lion mascot is to be officially unveiled at Wembley Stadium in December at the England/Australia rugby match. Lily has got free tickets for the game and is taking rugby fans dad and grandad.

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