Snow !!
8th February 2009
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Cold but pretty, some pictures of the recent snow.

I can't remember this much snow since about 1995 when I was living in a house miles from anywhere with a very very very long drive. My daughter was about 6 and we got stuck coming home with the shopping. We could see the house, but I didn't know how we could walk there as her legs were too short for the amount of snow! Fortunately my husband realised we must've got stuck and came out to get us (this was before mobile phones) so I had to reverse his car back in its tracks while he dug out my panda and drove it home!

The farm it was on sent the tractor out with a snow plough the next day so we could get out, although it was still frozen.

This time wasn't that bad, we live somewhere else and my daughter is all grown up. But we were still housebound for a couple of days, and I've put off my long weekend in London in case the weather closes in again and I get stuck, I'm a bit of a wimp these days. But whatever you think of it, at least it's REAL weather and it's so pretty.

Here are some snaps I took on my phone when I ventured out yesterday






and here's my snowperson:


Have you taken any good 'cold snaps'? Why not share them with us ...

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