Silly 999 calls - not the Stamford news!
30th September 2008
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After buying a pet rabbit, a woman realised that it didn't have floppy ears as the newspaper ad promised, so she called 999 to complain!

Other nuisance calls include two people who dialled 999 after being splashed by cars in wet weather.

After being told that it was not appropriate to use 999 for this, one woman verbally abused the call handler.

Someone else asked theemergency service for the postcode of Grangemouth police station.

The police condemn the calls as 'unbelievable and frivolous' saying that they put the police's ability to respond to life-or-death emergencies at risk

They say that these sort of stupid calls should serve as a reminder that 999 is for real emergencies only. In these circumstances life can be at risk and swift and efficient responses are s required to ensure public safety.

Nuisance 999 calls put that response at risk

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