Sainsbury's not wanted in Stamford?
17th August 2008
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Town council trying to block Sainsbury's new store

Sainsbury's want to build a new store at the Focus site in Ryhall Road, but Stamford Town Council are trying to block the idea as they are concerned that town centre trade will be hit, and that there'll be too much traffic congesion if the plans are ok'd by SKDC.
After voting for action at their meeting on Tuesday, the Town Council are going to write to SKDC and tell them that they "strongly object" to the plans. The council have voiced concerns that it will be a traffic nightmare with people nearby being affected by the increased traffic. With Sainsbury's possible annual turnover of £10m, there are concerns that the town's local trade could be hit as Sainsbury's will try their hardest to get as many people as possible into the store.
Not all councillors are against though, there is some concern that it should be a people's choice - and that the traffic problems are concerns of the County Council's highways department.
You can check out the supermarket's plans at or at Stamford library.
ER ... am I missing something here, or is this just the Town Council deciding for everyone in the area that Sainsbury's isn't welcome?
What happened when Morrisons wanted their store in Stamford? What about increased traffic and taking away trade from the town then? What happened when Homebase built their store, and McDonalds drive thru come to that?
What else will be put in the Focus site if Focus are moving out?
What happened to Democracy?
Why can't we have an Ikea in the area?
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