Rutland Water Expansion
14th May 2008
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Pipeline extension and new lagoons for Rutland Water
by Lorna Vibert

A huge expansion project is now taking place around Rutland Water. Anglian Water need to extract 25% more water from the reservoir to satisfy demands from Peterborough, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, so 25 miles of new pipework is being laid between Empingham and Hannington, Northants.
To protect wildlife, about six shallow lagoons are being created along with three new dams. This seems to be in response to complaints by wildlife conservationists about how much the reduced water levels would affect birds and other wildlife in the area. See here. The work will take about three years. The archaeological surveys, ground preparation and removal of hedgerows took place late last year and construction work has already begun, as locals will have noticed.
Wing treatments works is first to be worked on, together with a new pumping station at Empingham and a new dam by Fishpond Cottages, followed by the Egleton - Hambleton lagoon. Seemingly, the contractors will bring in roadsweepers to clear any mud on the roads, and Anglian Water say they want to work closely with the community to minimise disruption.
Has any of the work disrupted you? Apart from the horrendous proliferation of warning signs along the quiet roads around Lyndon and Wing where work's taking place, I haven't found it too onerous so far, but I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything more annoying ... and what do you really think about the expansion?

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