Rubbish idea
25th June 2008
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Rubbish idea binned
... The idea of going back to weekly rubbish collections during the summer months has been dismissed by SKDC councillors.
Coun Paul Wood (Ind) proposed that the district swap back to the old rubbish collection pattern during the summer months when it's warmer to try and prevent rubbish from rotting, smelling and causing health hazards.
The scheme would have cost ratepayers around £780,000, but Coun. Wood said he would rather give a good service than just save money. Coun John Smith (Con) didn't think that there would be any problems with smells or health hazards as long as rubbish sacks were used. He urged the other councillors to oppose the motion. He thinks that the alternate weekly collections are successful, and that changing it for just a short time would be confusing.
So far of course, the weather hasn't been warm enough to make it a health hazard, but I wonder what you think about keeping your rubbish outside for two weeks when (if) we get a long spell of hot weather?
Would you be willing for your rates to be spent this way?
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