Romance at the Riverside
11th July 2008
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Wedding proposal on stage at Stamford Riverside ...

How romantic! On Saturday at Riverside, a man asked his girlfriend to marry him in front of crowds of people on stage! Luckily for him, she said yes. How embarassing if she hadn't (although I guess she could have saved face by saying yes and then turned him down later on).

It made me wonder how many other odd wedding proposals have been presented, and I found these by trawling around on the web:

One man proposed to his girlfriend at his brother's funeral, another one wrote his proposal in concrete and yet another said he'd only marry his girlfriend if she went through the Army Reserves to improve her self image!

I think all of those had a happy ending (or at least the bride to be said 'yes') but then I came across a story about a woman in Serbia who's turned down over150 marriage proposals - because she hasn't met the right man. Her first proposal was 24 years ago when she was just 14, and she says that some of the blokes try going through her mother to make her accept. But she's holding out for someone who's hard working, good hearted, and tall and handsome to boot. Could be a long wait then ....

Anybody else got any amusing engagement stories?

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