Radiologists scans turned into art
23rd August 2009
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A radiologist is turning scans of his patients' teeth, hearts, and other parts of their bodies into works of art using 3D computer tomography (CT) scans.
he adds colour to the works after feeding the data into a computer 'the rainbow technique' - a method he invented. He doesn't make any other alterations and says that the pictures he creates are directly generated from the medical 3D workstation and represent what he sees on it. He doesn't use any software like Photoshop to alter the images  preferring to preserve a direct relationshop between the artwork and the data.
He feels that it's a true integration of technology, scient and art which can be both studied scientifically and enjoyed as a visual art.
Each line or point in the image represents specific anatomical structures in the body - either in a normal or a diseased state.
Since he began producing his works at Pamela Youde Nethersole Easter Hospital in Hong Kong, they've been shown in galleries all over the world, with all of the proceeds being donated to charity.

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