Putpockets give money instead of stealing it!
23rd August 2009
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According to Reuters, visitors to London  who must always be on the alert for pickpockets are now being targeted by a new phenomenon - putpockets.

20 former pickpockets have been trawling London's most touristy areas, slipping anything from a fiver to a £20 note  into unsuspecting pockets.

The initiative will run until the end of August in London and will then be rolled out all over the country and being funded by a broadband provider Talk Talk, who say they wants to brighten up people's lives in unusual ways.

A former pickpocket, who is now heading up TalkTalk's putpocket initiative said that it felt good to give something back for a change and that Britons certainly needed it in the current economic climate.

He said that every time he put money back into someone's pocket he felt less guilty about the years he spent taking it out.

I wish I'd had a put pocket instead of  the pickpocket who stole my wallet a couple of weeks ago in London's Brick Lane! Metropolitan and City police have been told about the plan which will see at least £100,000 pounds given out to people.

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