Prince Harry's Disguise
23rd August 2009
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Seemingly Prince Harry's taken to wearing a Rasta disguise in an effort to go out in public without being recognised.  He's developed an alter-ego named Winston in a light-hearted effort to disguise his identity. Could this be another controversial dress decision by the prince, who was heavily criticised four years ago for going to a fancy dress party as a Nazi and caught on camera earlier this year calling a fellow army officer a 'paki'

The Prince has been seen out as Winston at a warehouse party in East London and his friends say that he often wears it to mix in at clubs on shopping trips.

Apparently many of the Royals adopt disguises in order to mingle unnoticed with the public. It's said that Prince William wears a false moustache and a flat cap when he wants to go incognito.

Prince Harry's dad, the Prince of Wales, was pictured wearing a Rastafarian hat and wig during a Royal tour of Jamaica in 2000.

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