Pigeon Predators set for Stamford
22nd September 2008
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Stamford's Chamber of Trade are talking with All Saints Church about the nest boxes for peregrine falcons in the town. The go ahead is unlikely until January, but it's hoped that the birds will then start nesting and preying on the burgeoning pigeon population. It's also hoped that a Peregrine colony will help to promote tourism.

You'll remember that we mentioned this earlier, and the other plan which was to give birth control to the pigeons! It seems that the falcon plan is winning out, and the group pushing for it has now been joined by a Senior Warden from Rutland Water, Martin Aspinall, who helped attract the Peregrine Falcons to Lincoln Catherdral.

Peregrins do currently fly over the town, apparently lunching in Stamford, and it's hoped that the two nest boxes would encourag them to stay for dinner (and breakfast too). And of course, it's hoped that the meals they enjoy would be the pigeons.

Sounds like a good idea - or does it?


Do we want to see pigeons being dive bombed and devoured by falcons as they fly around town? Do we mind pigeons in town? Personally I quite like them toddling around, but then I don't have to clear up their mess (but who's going to clear up all the FEATHERS - see above!)

What's your opinion?

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