Petrol Stations run out of Fuel
25th June 2008
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Local Petrol Stations found it hard to keep up the demand for fuel during the recent strike by Shell drivers.

Adams garage on the A47 at Morcott ran out of fuel on Monday morning, whilst Casterton Hill BP station managed to keep supplies going.

Fuel costs continue to rise with unleaded now costing between £1.17 and £1.19 per litre, and disel soaring to £1.29 to £1.33 a litre - in line with the current UK average.

According to the AA fuel costs soared on average by 5.61 per litre between May and June, with prices for diesel riging by 7.39p a litre.

A second strike was called off as talks resolved the issues.

What's your opinion on the rising cost of fuel and other items and the rural economy?

Shouldn't councils start to provide better public transport?

How is it going to affect your business, if it isn't already?

Do you think the government should do more to help us in rural areas, and what measures do you think they could take? With post offices and village shops closing down all over the place, many people are going to be hard pressed to get their shopping done.

I am wondering whether it wouldn't be cheaper to have a pony and trap!

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