Pensioner take wrong turn and end up on motorway at 8mph!
29th April 2009
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After taking a wrong turn, an elderly man ended up on the M20 in his 8mph mobility scooter . The 89 year old was spotted crawling along the hard shoulder of the London bound carriageway of the M20 near Folkestone, and motorists called the police. Cars, coaches and lorries were hurtling past at 70mph (or more) according to the Daily Telegraph.

Police officers rescued him and took drove him home with his scooter. Poor bloke must have been terrified. It reminds me of a story about a guy in our village who'd borrowed his gran's mobility scooter cos he'd broken his leg. He got stranded in the middle of the village green because the battery ran out and he had to wait till someone noticed him and came to his rescue. Bit embarassing for a young lad I should think!

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