Outdoor drinking could be banned in Stamford
12th April 2008
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Outdoor drinking could be banned in Stamford as SKDC councillors have recommended to approve a designated public places order, which would increase the police's powers to confiscate alcohol from anyone if they thought anti social behaviour would be a problem.

Rowdy drinkers refusing to give up their drink could be fined up to £5,000.

Stamford's order will cover the Meadows and the town centre, and in the Deepings it would cover Market Deeping, West Deeping and Deeping St James.

Although the order isn't actually a ban on public place drinking, it should lead to a decrease in drunkenness on the streets of Stamford. But what do you think of this order? Is it a violation of personal liberty, or is it a protection of the greater whole? Do you think that the police will confiscate everyone's drink, regardless of whether they are 'rowdy' or not? Do you enjoy a drink on the meadows or anywhere else outside in town, or are you threatened by people drinking in public?


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