One in Six too lazy to change channels!
10th August 2009
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Almost one in six Britons would rather watch a TV programme they don't like than get out of their chair to change the channel if their remote was broken, according to the Telegraph.

The article goes on to say that if those surveyed were typical of the wider population that would be around 7.3 million Britons being too lazy to walk a few steps to their TV!
In the survey, 36% of those questioned said they wouldn't run to catch a bus, whilst 64% of those with children were too tired to play with them. The report concluded that it was "no wonder" that one in six children are classified as obese before they start school!

Over half of the 456 dog owners quizzed said they couldn't be bothered to walk their pet whilst 73% said they regularly have too little energy at the end of the day for passion with their partner.

The Nuffield Health Fitness Report included a top 10 of the laziest cities, based on how many people admitted they do not exercise at least three times a week.
Glasgow came top with 75 per cent, followed by Birmingham and Southampton at 67%, London 66%, Bristol 64%, Leeds and Newcastle 62%, Norwich 60% Manchester 59% and Cardiff 58%

The survey offered some hope with 28% saying that they'd be prepared to get fit if they felt it would make them more attractive to their partner.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said the obesity epidemic was one of the most challenging health issues facing the government, with the NHS spending £4.2 billion a year on obesity and related disease every year. obesity is a leading cause of premature death.

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