One cent mistake costs Venice Hotel £77,000
18th August 2009
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The Crowne Plaza in Quarto D'Altino, just 15 miles from Venice, offered the ultimate cut price holiday of a romantic weekend for 1 cent(Euros) - by mistake - and it could cost them around £77,000.

On the night the offer was posted on their website, the hotel (not surprisingly) received bookings for 1,400 room nights - and it's probably that they will all be valid.  

After first thinking (hoping) that the offer was posted by a hacker,  it turned out to be human error by the hotel's mother company Intercontinental Hotels in America. 

The offer should have been for two nights at half price.  Although the mistake was only up for one night, dates have been booked from October through to 2010.  228 guests have made reservations for the equivalent of 1,400 room nights - and the reservations will be honoured for those who have  a valid reservation. All those booking are non transferable.


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