New Happenings at Chameleon
30th June 2008
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What's new at Chameleon ...

I wandered into Chameleon on St Mary's the other day, and Giselle told me what the latest happenings were at the Stamford lingerie and swimwear store.

Firstly they're stocking a range of Cobian flip-flops.


These are more than just your average flip flop, as they are designed for both comfort AND style, which is often a combination lacking in the toe-post selection on offer. Not only that, but they're waterproof as well.

Then she told me about the great offer of the free Elle McPherson notebook with every purchase of Elle Mcpherson intimate secrets lingerie. You'll be spoilt for choice.


Elle (the body) McPherson is one of the few celebrities who are actually really involved in the design and production of 'their' products, and the quality and style really shine through.

It's a beautiful notebook, guaranteed to make you want to put your intimate secrets down on paper (if you want to share any of them with us, feel free by posting on this blog!)

Finally, I heard about the Caudalie days which are going to be held on a regular basis. Caudalie is a fabulous range of very effective french skincare products using grapeseed extract. Research has shown that 80% of skin's ageing is caused by the action of free radicals, generated by light, pollution, smoke etc. But Caudalie have established in tests that the Grape Seed Polyphenols used in ALL of the Caudalie skincare range are - wait for it -10,000 times more powerful than Vitamin E in combating free radicals!


Give Giselle a ring and find out about the free mini facial that you can get from a Caudalie consultant. Click here for how to contact Chameleon.

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