New College Stamford goes REALLY green!
8th June 2008
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Recent Winners of the Mercury Green Business Award for 2008, Stamford College want to create a £50m eco-friendly university campus, which could include grass roofed 'troglodyte' buildings and the use of solar and wind energy around the site.

Plans will hopefully be completed by2010, but they need to get funding from the Learning and Skills Council - and they need to get planning permission. Miles Dibsdall the Principal is said to be excited about the project, and is working with international experts to be 'zero carbon' and to use all the latest technologies in creating a truly green build for the university.

Mr Dibsdall is already transferring green principles to the classroom. Students will be able to sign a green learner policy from September and so pledge a commitment to being more environmentally friendly. The college will instigate policies in support of walking, cycling, care sharing and using public transport, and an environmental sustainability officer will be employed from July, who will work with staff and students with new initiatives and awareness raising.

What do you think of a) having a fully fledged University in Stamford and b) the new proposed buildings?

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