Networking evening at Finnans
14th June 2009
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I'm sure most of you have heard about our next networking event which is on 22nd June at Finnan's Brasserie. We're running this one in conjunction with the Stamford Chamber of Trade and we've been busy phoning around and inviting people to come along.

We run our networking events as very informal do's. We have an icebreaker to start, which should get everyone talking to people they haven't met before, and usually a small presentation by someone local which we think will be of interest. We try and hold them at different venues each time, which gives everyone a chance to see somewhere that they may not have thought about visiting before.

If you've never been to a networking event before, you should give it a try. They are usually quite intimate occasions and not at all intimidating. There'll be a free drink and canapes during the evening, which only lasts a couple of hours - from 5.30 until 7.00pm. Of course, you're welcome to stay on later if you wish, but the 'official' part is over at half past seven. The general idea is to get to know other business people around town who may be able to help you in your business, or that you could help. You'll need to take along a lot of business cards so that you can hand them around to people, and you needn't feel awkward about it as that's what everyone is expecting.

Why not join us? Give Mike O'Malley a ring on 01780 740580 to book your place.

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