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22nd August 2008
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£6000 so far for the new Skatepark in Stamford
The skatepark group are pleased with progress so far towards their target of £200,000
There's a music night with live bands at the Newage Social Club on Friday 29th August with the Pacha fundraiser already posted by Sally Jordan on August 30th in Red Lion Square, and the black tie event at the George on September 19th.

Sally says she'd really like more youngsters , BMXers and skaters to get in touch, and for them to try and organise their own fundraising events.
Stamford Town Council has agreed to manage the new park when it's been built, and SKDC is holding talks with them about selling the site to them.
Grant applications are being put together to help deal with the building costs, and the groups hope to meet with construction companies in the near future.
So, if you want to help, get in touch with them at
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