Miracle Mini Adventure .. and other car stories
28th April 2009
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A single bruise was the worst that happened to a woman who fell 100ft down a cliff in a Mini while not wearing a seatbelt.

The 60-year old 'watched in horror' as she drove off the edge of the cliff beside her home near Whitby, after accidentally hitting the accelerator whilst reaching for her seatbelt. Although she tried to use the brake, she just kept hitting the acclerator instead in her panic as she hurtled down her drive.

She was cut from the wreckage by firefighters and airlifted to hospital where she was released later the same day after X-rays and blood tests.

Meanwhile another unlucky motorist is to be charged with dangerous driving after following his SatNav to a cliff edge, where he had to call the AA to come and rescue him. Although the road began to peter out and become a track, the 43-year old man chose not to believe his own eyes and put his faith in the computerise navigation aid.

The AA refused his call and he had to ring for the police. It took nearly 9 hrs to get his BMW back to safety from the cliff edge track. He said that he used SatNav all the time for his job and would be lost without it. Maybe it would be better if he lost the SatNav and relied on a map!

And a 77 year old woman was driving her silver Vauxhall Astra when a massive 40ft oak fell down and crashed into her car roof. Fortunately it hit the passenger side of the car - and amazingly the lady and her two dogs in the back seat escaped without injury, apart from minor grazes to the lady's face.

May is on the horizon with two bank holidays and of course, the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of the month was traditional Exton Street Market. That now won't take place due to a tree falling on a car in the car park last year. Exton estates - who donated the land for car parking for the charity event - can't afford the insurance.

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