Look what's planned for Ryhall Road!
10th September 2009
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It appears that the Daniels' stadium is due to be relocated to a greenfield site in Ryhall Road - the plans were on display at Barn Hill Church last Friday.

The planned stadium will allow for 1,500 spectators and parking for 110 cars. And although no games are planned for after 10.30pm, it is planned to allow the clubhouse to be let out for private functions.

In addition to the new stadium, car park and associated playing field, a new household recycling centre is also planned for Ryhall Road!

The recycling centre will cost Stamford residents £124,000 per annum to remove the rainwater - because the rainwater table here is at its maximum capcity......

Given that Ryhall Road already has Stamford Hospital, a dentist, a doctor's surgery retail developments (including Sainsbury's??) PLUS the college, don't the planners think there's enough traffic there without the stadium AND household dump?

What about the poor residents?

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