Local Libraries - use 'em or lose 'em
14th May 2008
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Your local library, new hours
by Lorna Vibert
Bourne and Market Deeping libraries will have their opening hours reduced - but Stamford's will rise after the county council's major review. They say that the library network is no longer sustainable.
Local Town Councillors in Bourne are urging residents to use their library more, otherwise it may eventually go altogether. Bourne's library was open weekdays (except Wednesday) from 9.30 to 6 and 9-12.30 on Saturdays. The new hours are 10-5 Monday and Thursday, 1-7pm on Tuesday and Friday, 9-1 on Saturday. Market Deeping will close on Mondays and Thursdays, with remaining weekday openings to be 10-7pm, 10-1pm on Saturday. And Stamford has changed to 9-7 Monday and Wednesday, 9-6 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9-4 on Saturday.
It seems that the council think people can get to Stamford easily enough - not always the case for the ten mile journey. They also feel that it's more tailored to the local community's wishes, and they want to stabilise the library budget in the short term by 'enhancing opening hours in groups of libraries.' The hours will be based on when each library is most used.
The new hours came into effect on 1st May, you can see the full timetable here
Personally I don't use the libraries as often as I should, mostly because it costs me a lot in fines as I forget to take my books back in time. However, I think the library service is a great and essential part of local communities. Living in Rutland, I use the Oakham Library occasionally, and am fortunate enough to belong to a book club that has books provided by the local library service. Maybe people don' t read as much now as they used to due to more media being available - but surely the use of libraries could prevent some of the huge wastage of paperback books that currently takes place - many charity shops are overwhelmed by books. Libraries are surely the 'green' option (apart from ebooks, of course!)
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