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26th June 2008
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TD's 'Stamford Mess'

... Here is a simple dessert ideal for a summer dinner from Thierry Daugeron.

Don't prepare this recipe too long in advance. Ideally, get all your ingredients ready in the fridge and build in glasses at the last minute.

Ingredients for 4 served:

2 large TD's meringue (vanilla, strawberry, red berries or chocolate)
1 pound of fresh ripe strawberries (picked from the local farm fields... they will taste much better).
2 ripe nectarines
1 small banana
1 medium pot of crème fraîche
1 large pot of fromage frais
1 vanilla pod
50g. icing sugar
1 large spoon of orange water
Clear honey
Few pistachios
4 Transparent large glasses


Break the meringue into small chunky pieces. Slice strawberries and cut thin slices of nectarines and banana. Put all the cut pieces together in a bowl and soak in a mix of orange water and a spoon of caster sugar while you carry on the rest of the recipe.
In a large bowl mix together crème fraîche and fromage frais; with a small sharp knife, slice the vanilla pod in two and scrape the tiny seeds with the back of your knife. Whisk together for a good 2 minutes crème fraîche, fromage frais and vanilla seeds. Then add icing sugar and continue whisking the whole mix for another minute.
In each glass alternate layers of meringue, fruits, fromage frais mix, meringue, fruits ...etc until you reach the top of the glass. Finish by a layer of fromage frais mix on which you sit strawberry and nectarine slices, starting from the outside of the glass to the centre, pointy ends up. Drizzle some clear honey, and few broken pistachios. Voilà! Keep in the fridge and serve cool with a sweet white wine.

Please try this out and let us know how you get on!

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