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2nd October 2008
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As the headlines are all talking about the 'credit crunch', we will be looking at the importance of making sure you have adequate protection in place should you be made redundant.

Are you protected for the Credit Crunch?

The headlines are dominated with the news of many companies
struggling to survive with the current world economic crisis. But
are you working for one of those companies?
With more redundancies being made every day, this is having a
devastating effect on many people - especially those who do not
have the right insurance.

Could you rely on the State Benefits alone?
Income based Job Seeker's Allowance (payable weekly):*

Single people aged 16 - 24 £47.95
Single people aged 25 or over £60.50
Couples and civil partnerships (both aged 18 or over) £94.95
Lone parents (aged under 18) £47.95
Lone parents (aged 18 or over) £60.50

You'll get less if you have savings over £6,000. If you have
savings over £16,000 you probably won't qualify.*

*Source: Sept 2008

Now is a time to think seriously about the insurances you hold -
do they still suit your needs? Contact us and review them now.

Do you have any insurance in place? If not - Call us for a chat
and a quote.

Here at Zest Mortgages we have access to a wide range of
insurance products and insurance companies. We are able to offer
a full review of your insurance and protection needs and advise
which products are most suited to your needs and budget.

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