Ketton takes Speeding into its own hands
2nd February 2009
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In May, Radar guns will be introduced in Ketton to catch speeding motorists. It will run for a 3-week initial stint.
The guns will be used by members of the scheme, ie villagers, who will then pass the readings on to Rutland Council, who will consider if further action is needed to control speed through the village. More than 20 people have volunteered to use the guns, with the main area targeted being the main road through the village from Luffenham to Tinwell, in both directions.
What do you think about villagers taking it 'into their own hands' by using the speed guns themselves? Will they be clearly visible or will they be 'jumping out' at us?
Would you be willing to do the same or do you think it's a bit (more) like Big Brother is Watching YOU? Is this going to bloom all over Rutland with our neighbours becoming speed control freaks? Where will it end?
By the way, they seem to have started already in Tinwell! Saw three of them out the other day in bright yellow jackets for what looked like a practice run. There are signs up there now, so obviously Ketton isn't the only one!
Keep an eye out everyone ....
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