Join the police - bring your own horse!
7th November 2009
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Keen to boost special constables in the countryside, Hertfordshire police said that people who are horse owners should be able to use them as transport.

As the first county in the country to promote such a scheme, it believes it could catch on. 

They say it could help cut carbon emissions and encourage farmers and gamekeepers to sign up as special constables.

Apparently, the  thinking behind the scheme is that it is environmentally friendly and there are  a lot of people who normally wouldn't think of joining up as a special, but who might now consider it. It's also thought that recruitment of people with a rural background would be really useful in a rural area such as Hertfordshire. It's hoped that it would assure those in rural areas that they do matter.

Hertfordshire police has already recruited 14 dedicated “country cops” and plan to sign up another 16 officers by the New Year.

What do you think about a troupe of 'Lone Ranger' police in the Stamford area, and would YOU join up?

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