Homework for sale
4th March 2009
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According to Reuters in Paris, there's a new French website where kids can pay older students to do their homework.

It costs just 5 euros on faismesdevoirs.com (domyhomework.com), for answers to simple maths problems, and 80 euros for a full end of year presentation with speaking notes and slides.

The website goes live tomorrow morning (Thursday 4th March). Schoolteachers have, predictably enough, reacted with outrage - the feeling being that children are being taught that you can get the results you want as long as you pay for them. But the owner said that the homework the children would be buying would be educational because it would come with notes from the authors saying how they arrived at their conclusions. He added that he thought that some children would use it for cheating, but said that they would have to learn anyway as they would still have exams to pass.

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