Hitler's Paintings sell for £98,000
24th April 2009
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Reuters repors that a series of paintings attributed to a young Adolf Hitler got almost £98,000 on Thursday at auction in Mullocks in the UK, a figure well in excess of pre-sale estimates.

The hammer went down at £10,000 for a watercolour of a pensive figure sitting at the end of a stone bridge with the letters "A.H." written beside it. The painting is dated 1908, which was when Hitler was struggling as an artist in Vienna. He had applied to Art School there, but after his rejection he joined the army and fought in WWI

An oil painting of an alpine landscape fetched £13,500.

The collection of 12 watercolours, the oil painting and two other works was expected to achieve between £400 and £1,000 each - the artistic merit being rated as competent amateur. However, the artistic merit wasn't the issue, the paintings went to buyer who simply wanted to own an item that had belonged to someone famous, even someone as gruesome as Hitler.

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