High Price of Rutland MP
12th May 2009
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Alan Duncan (cons), the MP for Rutland, apparently claimed £4,000 in gardening bills over a three-year period according to the Daily Telegraph.
The Telegraph exposed many of the expenses for second homes claimed by Mr Duncan and other highranking Conservative MPs.

According to the Telegraph, Mr Duncan, who looks after party policy on MPs expenses, claimed £598 for a ride-on lawnmower overhaul and £41 for repairing a puncture in 2007.

However, the fees office didn't pay £3,194 in gardening bills submitted in March '07 and said, by letter, that these costs should only cover basics like cutting the grass.

Mr Duncan told the Telegraph that he raised the issue with the fees office, stating that 'although it was a legitimate claim, we agreed that it might be seen as too large a single item and therefore I did not claim it

The Telegraph also said that Mr Duncan claimed £23,027 in the 2007 to 2008 fiscal year and £22,110 for the year before.

Seems a tad excessive?

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