High Heels are Sexy - and Worth the Pain!
2nd June 2008
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Sexy high heels are worth the agony say women

Good job we've got InStep Podiatrists in Stamford, because 164 women aged between 18 and 73 voted for wearing high heels even if they were uncomfortable says a survey conducted by Philip Joyce of Oxfordshire community Health NHS Trust.

Apparently, 1 in 10 said they'd wear uncomfortable high heels if they looked good, and over 80% were not prepared to change their favourite styles even to improve a foot condition. Yet only 1 woman out of every three said that she really liked wearing heels!

Even into their 70's, women equate fashionable shoes with status, sexuality and power - and these feelings have a long history. Mr Joyce says that although the podiatrists have tried for years to get women into 'sensible shoes' he feels they are fighting a losing battle, as girls from as young as 4 know that the glass (high heeled) slipper didn't fit the ugly girls.

Older women, however, whose feet have been or are in the process of being damaged were prepared to be a bit more sensible. But most women in the 68-73 years old section still wanted their shoes to be attractive.

It's estimated that three out of four women will have problems with their feet by the time they reach retirement age.


If you've got any problems with your feet, why not contact Sue Arnold, who's town centre podiatry practice, InStep, offers advice and treatment for all kinds of foot problems. They even offer free advice - and if you haven't got a problem, why not just go along for some good old pampering - they take care of feet and hands with manicures and pedicures.

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