Have Rutland Council Gone Mad?
28th May 2008
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What a shower...

I read recently that Rutland District County Council (or whatever they are called) are to pay out £11,000 for a shower room. This is so that their workers will be able to have a shower when they get to work after cycling or walking to the office!

Seemingly they feel that as a major employer in Rutland they don't give their staff enough facilities, as there's no canteen, bonus scheme or other 'perks'. Apparently 25% of staff felt that it would encourage them to walk or cycle to work if they could have a shower when they got there. I should have thought that improved public transport would have encouraged the rest of Rutland to be able to GET to work without using their cars, and that the ratepayers wouldn't have resented the money being spent half as much as they must do now. Rutland only built themselves a fancy new building recently and one wonders why they didn't think of all this then. And also why a minority of workers should see their wishes carried out at a cost of £11000 of ratepayers money.

Were the council just looking for ways to spend money that it's got in its coffers? Is this just another local council aberration when it comes to spending our money, akin to the one that makes them save up all their roadwork budgets until the end of the financial year when they suddely realise they'd better spend it or they won't get the same next year. Hence the rash of roadworks that appears, as if by magic, every March.

Apparently, if staff leave their cars at home one of the benefits is freeing up parking spaces for local residents and visitors.

See my earlier remark about public transport!

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