Glass Ceiling more like Concrete!
16th September 2008
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With top talent as scarce as it is worldwide, the fact that the number of females in top roles has dropped in 12 out of 25 categories (including Government!) in the last 12 months is highly questionable.
Nicola Brewer the Chief Executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has stated that the so called glass ceiling that prevents women progressing in the workplace is more like reinforced concrete.
"Workplaces forged in an era of stay-at-home mums and breadwinner dads are putting too many barriers in the way, resulting in an avoidable loss of talent at the top .

The annual Sex and Power report also likened women's progress in achieving equality to a snail' s pace. Take the legal profession which still consists of the old boys' network. Some firms in the UK still have no female partners you can' t tell me that they are not capable of doing the job? It seems to me that many firms advise their clients on equality when they do not heed their own advice.
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