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3rd June 2008
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I asked Gary at Stamford Tackle for some advice about local fishing.


Is fishing for everybody?

Yes definitely. All sorts of people get involved with fishing and for a range of different reasons. Some do it to support their children and grandchildren, a great way to spend quality time with those who are close to you. As one of the most popular and accessible sports, others, particularly younger people, like to try it out because everyone else is doing it. Others take it very seriously and it becomes a great passion as they develop their knowledge, skills and interest in fishing.

Is it expensive?

It doesn t have to be. There is a huge range of choice of equipment supplied from all round the world such as China, India, and Taiwan. Our job is to advise customers to make sure they get good value for money. Just need to call in and have a chat. People can get started for as little as £25

Where can people fish locally to Stamford?

There are loads of reasonably priced local quality commercial waters within easy driving of Stamford, such as:-

Woodland Waters, Ancaster, tel 01400 230888,
Lakeview Fisheries
Gerrard s Carp lake, Maxey tel 01733 252243
Tallington Fishing, Lovels Lake, Tallington tel 01780 740223
Willow Lakes, Foston, tel 01400 282190

Give Gary a visit at Stamford Tackle on Foundry Road or telephone him on 01780 754541 for more advice on where to fish.

I went on-line at and found a list of 38 places to fish in Lincolnshire.

Do I need a licence?

Yes. If you are 12 years or older, you need a rod licence for both rivers and commercial waters. This is easily done at the post office or by going on line at

What about competitive fishing?

Competitions can bring more interest and add a little more bite to this great sport. For those who would like to have a first try at match fishing we have organised a number of competitions recently such as at Haddon Lodge just down the A1 near the Peterborough Service Station. (£5 a day, £3 concession). We are planning more for the future. Tel 01780 754541

For all your fishing tackle, bait, and advice

Contact Stamford Tackle at 13a Foundry Road, Stamford, PE9 2PY, telephone 01780 754541, or click here for more information.

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