Friday 13th
16th June 2008
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Friday 13th Safer for Some

According to Dutch statisticians, although regarded as unlucky in many countries, Friday 13th is actually safer than a normal Friday.

In a study published by the CVS (Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics) fewer fires, thefts and accidents occur on Friday 13th's than on other Fridays. Even driving is apparently statistically safer on these days.

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But last Friday (the 13th) there was a suggestion by Nomura analysts that triskaidekaphobes were at large. After scouring the dictionary, it seems that triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13, and the Japanese investment bank made the suggestion that tiskaidekaphobes could be playing a role in the trading of stocks and bonds in the current volatile market. You can get financial advice from the best that Stamford has to offer by clicking here

However, apart from the weather, Friday 13th didn't seem to bad around our region .... unless anyone has any stories to the contrary?

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