Fined for feeding the ducks!
13th November 2009
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A mother got a £75 litter fine for feeding the ducks at her local park,  but her 17 month old son was allowed to carry on because he was too young to prosecute!

A  26 year old mother was approached by a council warden in a Smethwick park as she and her 17-month-old son threw scraps of bread to the birds.

She says she will fight the council “all the way” to have the fine revoked.

The warden asked her to stop feeding the ducks because of complaints about children slipping on duck mess. When the woman said she would stop, the warden issued her with a fine, saying it was for littering. The warden said that the lad could continue as he was too young to prosecute.

There are apparently no signs stating that you will be fined for feeding the ducks in the park.

The council said that they had many complaints about problems caused by the feeding of pigeons and waterfowl and the park has a major problem with Canada Geese

They also said that too much food causes bird populations to grow out of control,  leaves litter and attracts rats.

I used to take my daughter to feed the ducks in Stamford meadows when she was younger, and we both enjoyed it immensely. As far as I and many others are concerned the ducks and waterfowl add to the attractions. Let's hope SKDC don't follow Smethwick's example!

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