Fighting vandalism in Oakham
30th April 2009
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Oakham residents are being asked to help fight vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the town.
Ward Watch - a new campaign -has been launched to promote a sense of social responsibility and pride in their community amongst residents. Organisers want residents to make a stand against vandalism, graffiti and other anti-social behaviour in a bid to improve the area for those who live there, and report the issues that matter.

Town councillors, the police and community safety teams are hoping that the scheme will be rolled out across the whole of Oakham. There will be a roadshow at Royce Playing Field on Wednesday between 3 and 6pm. Oakham Town Council will man a display on its roles within the town and police teams will be on hand to discuss people's concerns and offer advice on how to report future problems

Oakham Town Council have printed 1,500 leaflets which have been delivered door-to-door and posters ae displayed around the area.

During the last two weeks graffiti has appeared on play equipment at the park which is surrounded by dog mess, chewing gum and rubbish. On top of that Oakham Town Council also received a complaint from a Princess Avenue resident about young people causing a disturbance at night.

If you feel strongly about social responsibility, you should join in and support Big Pink Heart Day! Find out all about it here

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